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Chorister releases charity Christmas album dedicated to his older brother facing cancer

Myron, 13 from Oxford, has released Love Came Down at Christmas, a charity Christmas album, dedicated to his older brother, Kasper, who was diagnosed with cancer at just 15-years-old. The album, which Myron recorded with his friend Alfie, who was shortlisted for BBC Young Chorister of the Year, is raising money for two cancer charities to help other young people facing cancer this Christmas.  

Myron’s older brother, Kasper, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma last November and spent last Christmas and New Year in hospital, away from his family. Now, his family are looking forward to all being together this Christmas. It is an extra special time of year as it is Kasper and his twin brother, Tristan’s, birthday. 

Love Came Down At Christmas has been released to raise money for young people with cancer this Christmas

Kasper first noticed a small lump – in October last year. His GP referred him for a scan but within the wait time, the region of the lump ballooned and he had to go to A&E to have it removed. Doctors ran tests on the lump after surgery and his family were given the news he had rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer in soft tissue. 

After several surgeries, Kasper also suffered from a ruptured appendix, which left him unable to eat and suffering with a painful scar. This was just before Christmas. Kasper tried his hardest to come home for Christmas, to be with his family, but he only managed an hour and had to go back into hospital. 

Mum Oonah said: “It was the first time he hadn’t spent Christmas with his twin so the doctors said keep an eye on him and make sure he’s eating and everything and we’ll discharge him so he can be home for Christmas day. So we brought him home for Christmas day and it lasted about an hour. We had to take him back he it was just too sick.” 

Kasper then started his chemotherapy treatment in January 2021. He has had nine rounds of chemotherapy and four and a half weeks of radiotherapy. He was unable to go to school and missed seeing his friends but, even though he was having radiotherapy at the time, he managed to complete his GCSEs and gained nine 9s and two 8s. 

He finished treatment at hospital in July and has since been home, and started maintenance chemotherapy in August – which requires him to take tablets – but is now able to go back to school and be at home with his family. Kasper is looking forward to the family Christmas that he missed last year. 

While Kasper was going through cancer treatment, his little brother Myron wanted to do something to help. Love Came Down at Christmas was first thought up by Myron’s Grandmother, who sadly passed away after being diagnosed with cancer herself a few years ago. As he is a keen musical artist, she suggested Myron record an album to raise money for charity.  

Oonah says: “But then lockdown happened so we just sort of dropped the idea. Then Kasper’s diagnosis came in November, it was really difficult for the other two boys to have a role there was so much worry and focus on Kasper. We tried to make sure Kasper’s twin had support for his GCSEs and then that just left Myron. 

“We thought it would be good for him to have a project to have a focus and something for us to work on with him, something exciting and worthwhile. We focussed on childhood cancer and just went for it.” 

Kasper and his twin brother Tristan were born on Christmas day

Young Lives vs Cancer have helped Kasper and his family to face his cancer from the moment he was diagnosed. From helping access financial support to being an emotional support for the entire family, their Young Lives vs Cancer social worker has been there every step of the way. 

Oonah says: “You’ve managed your life up until that point and then suddenly you’re hit with needs you’ve never had before and you have no idea how to start to deal with them and to have someone on that really practical level saying what do you want to have done to help manage this situation is very practical and so supportive.” 

Love Came Down at Christmas was recorded by Myron and Alfie while Kasper was going through cancer treatment at Oxford John Radcliffe’s Hospital. The CD is made up of 14 festive Christmas carols, including Oh Holy NightAway in a Manger and the title track Love Came Down at Christmas. £8 of the £15 CD sales are being split between Young Lives vs Cancer, who have supported Kasper’s family since diagnosis and Childhood Cancer Research Trust. 

Alina Kairi, Fundraising and Engagement Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer says: “Thank you so much to Myron and his friend for recording this special Christmas album to help young people facing cancer this Christmas. 

“The money raised will help our Young Lives vs Cancer social workers be there to offer financial, emotional and practical support to help other young people and families face cancer this Christmas.” 

To order a copy of Love Came Down at Christmas, visit the Young Lives vs Cancer online shop – £8 of each sale will help the charity be there for families like Kasper’s 

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