Covid-19 risk assessments

We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace and meeting our duty of care to our employees, volunteers, service users, customers and supporters.

We’ve carried out risk assessments for all of the premises we’ve opened and will be opening in the coming weeks and have developed mitigations against virus transmission accordingly. Action taken includes limiting numbers of staff in offices, prohibiting face to face meetings as far as possible and restricting access to communal areas. We have and will continue to monitor the adoption of these mitigations, ensuring that scrutiny comes at every level of our management structures. Where it’s been deemed that a location cannot be opened safely at this time it will remain closed.

Some Young Lives vs Cancer activities may be carried out on premises outside of our direct control. Where this is the case appropriate role-based or task-based risk assessments have been or are being developed.

Our staff are encouraged to report any instances where they feel the mitigations set out in our risk assessments have not been put in place, are not being followed or are insufficient; this will be dealt with appropriately. Our Covid-19 risk assessments are all tailored to the specific location and activities, using the template below as a starting point. You can request a copy of any of our site-specific risk assessments by emailing