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Around 400 children are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year in the UK.

At Young Lives vs Cancer, we know a brain tumour doesn’t just impact a child or young person’s health. It can affect them (and their families) mentally, stretch their finances to breaking point, put huge pressure on school, college or work, mess with their confidence, their relationships and their social life.

That’s why we exist: to help them with everything outside treatment, so young cancer patients and their families can focus on getting well and living life as fully as possible, during and after cancer.


could pay for a social worker to support a family, helping to navigate extra worries of coronavirus on top of a brain tumour.

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could help fund essential technology to provide support remotely to young people and families during the current crisis.

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could pay towards a hardship grant to ensure families facing financial worries due to a brain tumour can pay for basics like food.

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Merryn was first diagnosed with a brain tumour and cancer of the central nervous system in August 2019 after suffering with seizures while on a camping trip with her Mum. Since then, she has had a nine and a half hour surgery followed by proton therapy and six months of chemotherapy.

“As soon as we were given a diagnosis we were put in contact with a Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker, Anna. Young Lives vs Cancer gave us a grant and supported us by providing free accommodation in the Bristol Home from Home Sam’s, House. That was the biggest benefit for us, sometimes we were there for weeks at a time and financially it saved us. We can’t thank Young Lives vs Cancer enough for giving us that space to stay and to be close to Merryn whilst she was in hospital.

“Without Young Lives vs Cancer I think we would have been wandering around in a state of shock for some time. It was nice to have someone to talk to who understood things and we could be ourselves with.” Merryn’s mum

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Thanks to supporters like you we can be there for children like Merryn. Last year we supported over 7,200 young people diagnosed with cancer. With your support, we can reach more. Donate to the UK's leading children's cancer charity today.