Donate your birthday for Young Lives vs Cancer

Choose to donate your birthday this year and make the day extra special. Your fundraising will help to make a difference for young people with cancer, and their families.

Why not tell your friends and family to save the wrapping paper and ask for donations this year? You'll help make sure we're there for young cancer patients when they need us most.

It’s even easier than blowing your candles out:

Glass of wine with number 1

Step one: set up your JustGiving or Facebook donate page 

Red roses with number two

Step two: shout about it loud on social media

We’ve got some images below for you to share with family and friends. Don’t forget to add the link to your JustGiving page when you post.

Cake and candles with number 3

Step three: once the cash is collected, the fun doesn’t have to stop

There’s so many ways you can continue being a part of Team Young Lives – check out our fundraising page for more fundraising ideas.


Shout about it!

We know you’ll be great at convincing your pals to donate for your big day. But here’s some images you can post on your social media accounts to help get the cash rolling in! Don’t forget to share your JustGiving link when you post.

What a difference a day makes

By pledging your birthday, you’ll help to make sure we are there for young cancer patients and their families. Times are tough right now, but they’re even tougher for children and young people with cancer.

Here are some of the ways your fundraising will help….

  • £30 could help fund essential technology to provide support remotely to young people and families.
  • £41 could pay for a family to stay overnight in one of our Homes from Home, providing free self-catering accommodation near to specialist children’s cancer treatment centres, which are often many miles from a family’s own home.
  • £100 could pay towards a financial grant to ensure families facing money worries can pay for basics like food, heating and petrol.
  • £184 could pay for a Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker for a day. Our social workers help young cancer patients and their families live life as normally as possible. They help with everything, from cutting through medical jargon, applying for benefits and liaising with schools, colleges and work while a child is on treatment, to being there when family members need to offload or a shoulder to cry on.


We’re not fussy when it comes to fundraising! Got an anniversary, engagement or pet birthday to celebrate? Why not turn those special moments into support and get your friends and family involved? No gift bags or glitter necessary!

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