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“The hardest time was when I was in hospital. When I was really ill and just wanted to cuddle her.”

Just before turning 19 Lois, now 21, was suffering with bad back pain so severe she couldn’t lift her 16-month-old baby daughter, Lexi.

Doctors told her not to worry and said it was probably sciatica. After several tests she was later diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and went on to have multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy at UCLH. All the while, her baby daughter and Mum would stay at Paul’s House to be close to her.

“Throughout this whole time Paul’s House was our little go-to, at first I didn’t want to stay there as I thought it was different to Lexi’s life but I wanted her close and that was the best solution, which was so good. It was the nicest place for her.”

Cancer is a scary and isolating experience for many young people like Lois who are going through diagnosis and treatment. At CLIC Sargent, we’re working tirelessly to make sure no child or young person has to face cancer alone.

As a result of the global pandemic, we’re currently looking at a funding shortfall of £9 million. Our responsibility as a charity is to young people and parents facing the terrifying reality of cancer – but COVID-19 has severely impacted our income streams.

Our challenge is greater than ever. Will you help us be there for young people like Lois?

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The number of families in crisis has increased and the need for our support has never been greater. We can’t do it without you.