Posted on Friday 12 March 2021

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Morrisons gift special Mother’s Day bouquets

This Mother’s Day, our charity partner Morrisons has gifted bouquets of their ‘The Best Mother’s Day Rose & Lily Bouquets’ to some extra special mums  to say thank you for being there.

Together, we surprised a number of mums and dads with the bouquets, after being nominated by their families.


Alisha was one of the young people who nominated her mum to show her some love this Mother’s Day.

“My mum is my rock and helped me though my journey of cancer and still helps me now. She was my nurse and my councillor when I needed to talk, she is the one who kept me upbeat through it all. My mum is my everything and inspires me with how strong she is”


Little Eleanor nominated her mummy Amie for the special flower delivery to thank her for being so incredible while she was going through cancer treatment. Eleanor had a large Wilms Tumour removed and had to go through radiotherapy and 12 months of chemotherapy. She now has the all clear and her family are looking forwards to the future.

Chloe’s dad had a lovely surprise when he received his bouquet of flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day:

“My mum died of breast cancer in 2004 (I was 3) and my dad raised me and my brother by himself all our lives. He’s my hero and I celebrate him every Mother’s Day as he did both roles. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma he was by my side through absolutely everything and couldn’t have been any better. He lost his beloved wife and then had to face possibly losing his little girl, yet he kept a smile for me through absolutely everything.”

Megan’s mom has been her rock through her two cancer diagnosis: “She’s been at every single hospital appointment, held my hand when things got painful and sat for hours in waiting rooms keeping me company before surgery. I truly couldn’t have got through it without her.”

Clare was nominated by her family to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special. Last year she spent the day in hospital as her son Link was on a high dose of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the time. In the past 18 months she has spent over 70 nights in hospital with Link while still being an amazing mum to her other children.

Katie nominated her mum to receive the surprise flowers to thank her for everything she’s done for her after recently being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma  – “She has carried on being a key worker and cared for me on her own whilst I’ve been going through this.”

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