Services Consent Summary

At CLIC Sargent we care about protecting the information you choose to share with us. When we first spoke with you we asked for your consent to allow CLIC Sargent to offer you a service. This page goes into a bit more detail about why and how we process and store your personal and sensitive data.

How we work
CLIC Sargent is an independent organisation. We do not work for, or provide services to, the NHS or Local Authority Social Care. Our service is direct to you, and is funded by charity money that is raised every year by CLIC Sargent supporters.

Why we keep information about you
To help CLIC Sargent support you and your family at this time, we need to keep a record of the information you choose to share with us (your personal and/or sensitive data), alongside our record of the work we do with you. We do this so we’re up-to-date with how we’re working with you, and so there’s a legal record.

We also use the information to look at how many people we’ve helped and how, in order to improve and develop our services further. When this happens your data will be pooled with others’ and anonymised so it’s impossible to identify you / your child.

How we handle your information
The information you give us is covered by laws that make sure we store and process it correctly and safely.

To comply with these laws, we ensure that your personal and sensitive data we record is:

  • Only recorded after explaining to you why we need to do this, and after you’ve agreed
  • Only what’s relevant for the purpose of offering you services and to protect your interests
  • Only what’s necessary to help us to keep track of how we are supporting you and what you need from us or the partners we work with
  • Accurate and kept up-to-date
  • Deleted from our database 3 years after we stop working with you, unless there is a statutory legal requirement to retain it for longer
  • Stored on our electronic database so it can be processed in a way that secures and protects it against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage
  • Processed in a way that protects your individual rights to request access to your data, have errors changed, request data is erased, restrict its usage, withdraw consent, have your data transferred, make a complaint and object

Instances where we might share your information
CLIC Sargent staff work with the NHS as part of the oncology multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) and may share appropriate information with other members of the MDT. The NHS team can’t see your CLIC Sargent records unless you specifically ask that a record is shared with them, and you can tell us if anything you tell us is to be kept confidential from the NHS team.

If there were concerns yours or your child’s or the safety of someone else, there is a duty on CLIC Sargent to inform a Local Authority so that appropriate action can be taken.

If there is a need to use any of your information for other purposes, this will be explained to you so you can give permission.

How to find out more
You’ll find more detailed information about how we store and use your data in CLIC Sargent’s Privacy Policy.

If you want to see a copy of your records, you can speak to your CLIC Sargent worker directly, or call us on 0300 303 5220, email or using live chat on our website. You can withdraw consent to service at any time by contacting us using any of the methods above.