Stamp Appeal

Collect used stamps for Young Lives vs Cancer and help families face whatever cancer throws at them.

Be a Stamp Champ

Collecting used stamps is an easy way to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer.

All you need to do is cut or carefully tear the stamped corner from any envelope or packet that you receive in the post and start a collection.

Once you have a large bundle, bag them up and send them to us at the address below.

Why not ask your friends and family to collect their stamps too, and save on postage by sending them together?

How your stamps help

By collecting just 1kg of stamps for us to sell you can help pay for a family to stay in one of our 10 Homes from Home, located near eight principal treatment centres, so that they can be close to their child during cancer treatment.

We sell all stamps we receive – UK, foreign, old and franked – on our award-winning eBay shop to avid stamp collectors.

Send your stamps to:

Stamp Champ,
Young Lives vs Cancer,
Unit 6, Abbey Wood Business Park,
BS34 7JU.

You can also drop your stamps into your local Young Lives vs Cancer charity shop.

Schools and businesses

You can become a Young Lives vs Cancer Stamp Champ for your business, school, college or workplace and turn lots of post into money that will help support young people with cancer.

Create a stamp collection box in a communal area to encourage your colleagues, students or classmates to start collecting stamps.

In school, you could turn it into a competition to see which class or year group can collect the most stamps in a given time period. Be as creative as you can and make your stamp collecting a massive success!

Find out more

To find out more please contact our team on 0117 314 8611 or email

If you’ve collected over 4kg of loose stamps and you require a courier, please contact us on the number above to arrange a collection.