Our Manifesto for children and young people with cancer

The General Election will be held on Thursday 4th July, where people will vote to elect the next UK Government. It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring the changes children and young people with cancer need to see.

We want all political parties to stand up for young cancer patients and work with us to deliver this change. That’s why we’ve created a manifesto for children and young people with cancer. Here's how you can help

What is a Manifesto?

A manifesto is a set of commitments, usually released before an election.  

We’ve developed our manifesto to set out five key commitments we need the next UK Government to make, to transform the landscape of children and young people’s cancer care. 

This isn’t about supporting any one political party or politicising our charity. It’s about making sure the voices and needs of children and young people with cancer are raised to the highest level of decision making across the UK.  

We are ready to work with the next UK Government to make positive change for young cancer patients.

What are we asking for?

A lot needs to change, we know that. But we’ve picked five key areas which alongside children, young people, and their families, we think are some of the top priorities for the next UK Government to act on: 

Launch a Children and Young People’s Cancer Plan

Create a Travel Fund so no child or young person struggles with the cost of getting to treatment 

Graphic of coins with an upwards arrow

Improve benefits so they work quicker, and are easier to access

Graphic of heart by a profile of a head

Boost mental health support for young cancer patients and their families

Improve the diagnosis experience of children and young people with cancer and ensure they are supported after treatment

Led by experience and evidence

We put the voices and experiences of children and young people with cancer, and their families, at the heart of what we do. This includes our manifesto.

The five areas in our manifesto are areas young cancer patients, and those who support them, tell us are important and need to change.

We also undertake research and use evidence to make sure our work is backed up by facts and figures, as well as lived experience.

Supporter for Young Lives vs Cancer with placard that reads 4000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year

How you can help

You can amplify the voices of children and young people with cancer this General Election. Here’s some of the ways you can help:

  • Share our manifesto – use the social media assets below, or share our social media posts, to help spread the word
  • Speak to campaigners who knock on your door – tell them about our manifesto and the top five priorities for young cancer patients
  • Engage with your local candidates – go to local hustings or debates and ask questions, or get in touch with them to ask them to support our manifesto
  • Keep taking action – sign up to hear our latest campaigns updates and how you take action after the election too

Want to stand with us? Download our General Election toolkit for more information on how to use your voice to stand up for young cancer patients.

Read our full Manifesto

You download and read our Manifesto on the link below.