Meet Phil Roberton from Fitness Aspirations

Phil Roberton

We are delighted to have partnered with Phil Roberton and his team of fitness professionals. Phil has been involved with the London Marathon for over 10 years and has supported thousands of sporting legends, specialising in injury prevention and biomechanics.

He puts big emphasis on the importance of strength and conditioning and nutrition, which are often overlooked. His goal is to reduce dropouts rates and incentivise higher levels of fundraising.

He does this through listening to the individual and educating them around his concept of PreFormance®. Preparing the body & mind for the lifestyle demands of getting to the start line via:

• Nutrition
• Strength & conditioning
• Intelligent training
• Recovery
• Breathing

Training for an event, isn’t just about the physical activity. Neither is crossing the finishing line the hardest line to cross.

Get in touch with Phil and his team anytime with any training questions and concerns.