Summer Training: beating the heat

There are lots of great things that come with training in the Summer months. Longer days leave little room for time-based excuses and it’s always easier to step out the door when it isn’t cold and wet. It’s not all positive though. Hot weather can often add complications to training routines and some of us long for a bit of drizzle by mid-July.

Exercising in heat puts extra stress on the body, which can lead to complications. Both exercise and air temperature will result in an increase in your core temperature. To help cope with this, we sweat. The evaporation of sweat from our skin helps lower excess body heat, but this can be compromised by humidity.

The body’s ability to make muscles function can me impaired by excessive heat and dehydration. Imagine a car overheating and running out of coolant at the same time. For exercise, this means less duration and less intensity coming from the same amount of effort.

Here are our top tips for successful and safe training on those long Summer days:

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