The wonderful world of Tapering

Tapering is essentially reducing the amount of training you are doing in the weeks leading up to an event, to give your body the best chance of achieving its full potential during the race, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

If you’ve reached the tapering point after months of training, you have done the hard part (big high five from us) now it’s all down to steady control!

It’s essential that you plan for your training to peak no later than two weeks before your event and make sure you do very small amounts of low-level training the week before. We’ve been there – the temptation is to squeeze in one more long training session, but it’s better to turn up on race day feeling slightly unprepared and injury free, than it is starting the race with a pain or ache!   

Once again, congrats on completing the hard part! From here, it’s all about looking after yourself and enjoying the moment. We think you’re amazing.  

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