How can I look after my relationship with my partner?

There’s some advice you need that you can only get from those who’ve been there. That’s why we’ve asked parents who’ve been through similar experiences to share their thoughts on topics that you’ve told us you’d like tips, advice and guidance on.

Worried about the stress on your relationship with your partner after your child has been diagnosed with cancer? Take a look at the tips from other parents below.

It’s a tough time

Your life will have changed dramatically after your child’s diagnosis and you’re probably both experiencing a number of different emotions and stress – understandably this might have an effect on your relationship.

Remember you are both under stress and it’s hard on both of you.

Communication is key

Staying honest and clear with each other about how you’re feeling can help make sure you’re both on the same page.

Try to keep communicating – we made sure we were very open and honest throughout.

Spend time together

It can be difficult to find a spare minute or two, but if you can, try to make some time just for you and your partner to reconnect. A quick cup of tea together still counts.

If you can, make sure to have time for just the two of you.

Remember you’re a team

You might be living what seem like different lives – one of you might be working while the other is at home looking after your child – but you’ll have the same worries. Remember you’re on the same side and that you’re not alone.

Our daughter was our priority and we worked as a team to help her through.

We’ve asked parents to share their tips and advice from their own experiences and what they’ve found helpful.

You can find more information and support from Relate, the UK’s leading relationship support organisation. They regularly work with families and couples who are struggling with illness in the family.

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