A free place to stay

Children and young people's cancer is often treated in a specialist centre rather than the local hospital. That may be a long way from home, so at a time when families should only have to focus on their child or young person's treatment, they’re worrying about the logistics and costs of getting to hospital, and where they’re going to stay close to them. This is one way we help with travel costs for cancer patients and their families.

Where can you stay?

Our Homes from Home are a free place for families to stay when their child is going through cancer treatment. They’re close to principal treatment centres, helping families avoid the extra financial burdens of travel, accommodation and food costs. They also allow young cancer patients to be close to their loved ones, keeping the family together at a difficult time.

Step into a Home from Home

Our homes are large, comfy houses. They have kitchens where families can make a cup of tea or prepare a home-cooked meal, laundry facilities to do washing and ironing, and cosy lounges to hang out together, chat with other families going through the same thing, or simply watch TV. Some Homes from Home also have dedicated areas for small children and teenagers.

Families have their own bedrooms, including cots for very young children, so guests can choose to mix with other families staying as much or as little as they like. Our social workers can liaise with schools and hospital schools so school-aged children staying at the Home from Home don’t miss out on education.

Who can stay?

Keeping a sense of normal family life is so important, and every family’s situation is different. Parents/carers and siblings are welcome to stay in our homes, and other family members and friends are free to come and visit. If they’re well enough and don’t have to stay in hospital overnight, the child or young person receiving treatment can also stay, as well as their partners or children, if they have them.

If we don’t have a Home from Home near to a hospital, our social workers may be able to help young cancer patients and their families to arrange somewhere to stay.

We all sat down in front of the TV like we do at home."

A parent who stayed in one of our Homes from Home

Can this help you?

If you need to stay at one of our Homes from Home, your Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker will speak to the Home Manager to check whether there’s space. If there is, they’ll arrange everything.

If you don’t have a Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker please get in contact using the ‘Chat to us’ button.

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