Our cancer costs campaign

The financial cost of cancer for children and young people can be devastating. We're campaigning for change to ease the financial burden on families.

Young cancer patient Eliza waiting at a train station

From the moment the doctor says ‘cancer’, costs go up. Travel for treatment, car parking, accommodation, extra heating costs at home. Our research shows parents spend an average of £600 more per month when their child has cancer.

Many parents are also forced to give up work and can be plunged into debt because of their child’s cancer. And that’s before you add in hidden costs, like parents’ and young people’s mental health. Families should not have to face spiralling debt and mental ill health because their child has cancer.

With our Cancer costs campaign we want to change the price tag and ease the financial burden on families. Our campaign focuses on these four main elements:

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Everything you need to start fundraising for Young Lives vs Cancer, from sponsorship forms to posters to fundraising ideas.

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Research projects which aim to improve the lives of young cancer patients and their families.

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