We aim to improve the lives of young cancer patients and their families through the research projects we conduct and support.

Take part in research

Help us influence and inform decision makers about what issues are important to children and young people with cancer. Taking part will also help us improve the care and support services we provide.

We’re currently prioritising research that relates to the impact of the coronavirus on children and young people with cancer and their families.

Young Lives vs Cancer coronavirus experience survey

How is coronavirus affecting you? Complete this 5 minute survey for young people with cancer and parents, looking at the impact of coronavirus on key issues like food, finances and your wellbeing, to help us focus on providing the services you need during this difficult time.

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Research from our partners

The SHARE study

The SHARE study being run by colleagues at the University of Southampton and University of York with CCLG (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group) aims to understand how children and young people with cancer, and their parents, are finding life during the coronavirus outbreak.

The aim is to better understand their information and support needs to then we work with charity partners to put these into place.

Take the survey for parents

Take the survey for children and young people aged 12-25

Research we support

Young Lives vs Cancer supports research projects from a wide range of institutions and organisations, both nationally and internationally. Here is a snapshot of some of the projects we’re supporting:

Can we support your research?

We don’t fund research, but we can support in a number of other ways:

  • Promote surveys, interviews and other opportunities with the young people and families we support
  • Offer information and guidance on conducting research with young cancer patients and their families
  • Facilitate patient and public involvement activities within the organisation
  • Signpost and identifying relevant literature and other materials
  • Signpost relevant projects to organisations like the National Institute for Health Research.

What type of projects we support

We support projects which seek to understand and address the impact a cancer diagnosis has on young people and families. We will only support projects which have received ethical approval. We do not support undergraduate university research projects.

Request our support

If you would like your research to be considered for Young Lives vs Cancer support, please complete an  external research request form.

Working with others

We also work on research projects to help improve services with our partners from other organisations, such as universities and other charities. If you’re a researcher and are interested in working with Young Lives vs Cancer on a research project please email

To find out more about the type of research Young Lives vs Cancer undertakes and how we use this to influence policy, take a look at our research reports below.

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Any questions about our research? Please email

Young Lives vs Cancer published research reports