We aim to improve the lives of young cancer patients and their families through the research projects we conduct and support.

Our latest research – Cancer Costs

Our latest piece of research explores the whole financial impact of a cancer diagnosis on children and young people with cancer and their families.

Read the full research findings:

Cancer Costs: September 2023

Research we support

As well as carrying out our own research, we also support projects that seek to understand and address the impact cancer diagnoses have on children, young people and their families.

We don’t fund research. We do support in several other ways though, including:

  • Sharing research opportunities with the young people and families we support
  • Offering information and guidance on conducting research with young cancer patients and their families

Our processes for supporting external research are currently under review so we’re not taking on any new projects at this time.

Our previously published research

To find out more about the research we have undertaken, take a look at a selection of our previous research reports below.

Contact us

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