Cancer and treatment

Look up your cancer

Bite-sized information about different cancer types - their symptoms, how they are diagnosed and treated, and side effects.

How bad will treatment make me feel?

Everyone reacts differently to treatment. Here are ways to combat any side effects.

Where will I have my treatment and do I get a say?

If your place of treatment hasn't been decided, it’s important you ask about your options.

If cancer comes back: dealing with the impact of relapse

We asked young people who have been through relapse to share some advice for others.

Relapse and me – Sara’s story

Sara blogs about her experience of going through relapse.

Diagnosis and tests for cancer

An A-Z guide of tests you might have around diagnosis.

Staying safe from infection when you’re a child or young person with cancer

Here's the steps you should take to protect yourself from infections

Isolation boredom busters

Free or cheap websites, courses and apps to keep you and your family busy during COVID-19 lockdown.