Sorting practicalities when your child dies

For some people, organising can help to take their mind off their grief and sorrow for a little while. For others, dealing with practical tasks in a state of grief can seem overwhelming. Whatever your reaction, you should never be afraid to ask for help. Your Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker will do their best to support you emotionally and practically in any way they can.

Who to inform when your child dies

Who to tell when your child dies and stopping unwanted mail.

Taking care of important paperwork

How to let government departments and benefits services know.

Social media and online accounts – your child’s digital legacy

Managing your child's online activity after they die.

Dealing with your child’s finances and debt after they die

A guide to managing your child's financial accounts and debts.

Your child’s housing, bills and tenancy after they die

Your child's tenancy agreements, rent, bills and housing issues.

Help with funeral costs

Help with funeral costs and how to claim Funeral Expenses Payments.