Our Call for a Children and Young People’s Cancer Plan

Click on the image to download the Children and Young People’s 10 Year Cancer Plan

We’re on a mission with CCLG to call for a Children and Young People’s Cancer Plan, to make sure their unique and critical needs are recognised, understood, and addressed to improve experiences and outcomes for young cancer patients.

Cancer is still the biggest killer by disease in the UK for children and young people, and over 4,000 children and young people under 25 are diagnosed every year.

Cancer in children and young people is different from older adults – it’s less common, needs different treatment, has distinct impacts (including mental health and financial), and comes at a key developmental stage in life. This means the care and support they need is unique, and plans and strategies that work for adults just won’t work for them.

The UK Government promised to prioritise and improve cancer care, and in 2022 committed to deliver a 10-Year Cancer Plan, but so far haven’t, despite the challenges being faced in cancer care.

We want to speak with your representatives in parliament about the unique needs of children and young people with cancer, including our Children and Young People’s Cancer Plan.

Will you email your representatives and ask them to meet with Young Lives vs Cancer? 

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