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Thank you for sticking by young cancer patients

It’s no secret. We’ve really been hit hard by Coronavirus. But together, we stand strong and we’re still fighting for young lives against cancer.

We won’t be beaten, because we know that without us, young cancer patients and their families wouldn’t have anybody to turn to when they need it most. And right now, they need us more than ever.

Thanks to our amazing supporters (you!) we can continue to provide much-needed grants to young cancer patients and we can look to a future where we can still support children and young people when they need it most.

We like to shout loud and proud about all the great things we do. Made possible thanks to our incredible supporters like you.


We stand together

Thanks to your donations, our social workers can continue to provide a lifeline to families at this terrifying time.

The Support Never Stops

Because of you, our social workers can keep going. And it is our social workers who have proved they’re true heroes during this unpredictable time.

Cancer doesn’t stop for coronavirus and neither do they. In fact, they’re working harder than ever. They’ve had to adapt quickly and are supporting in any way they can through phone and online. Our Live Chat service is hugely busy with questions from terrified parents and young cancer patients and the team are doing all they can to be there for them.


“Before the coronavirus outbreak our work was about helping get families through cancer – now it’s more focused on helping them meet their basic needs.”

Social Worker Sean


Every day our social workers face devastating calls from worried families. Some struggling to get enough money together to feed their sick child, many unable to get food delivered at all.

So far, our amazing team have given out £63,000 in grants to help families through this crisis. But the requests continue daily.

Aside from the struggle for food, the worries of cancelled treatment and the terrifying threat of infection, there is also the heart-breaking stories of young people with terminal cancer.


“This would normally be a time where we support palliative patients to complete bucket lists, have special days out and see family and friends. It would be a period where they try and make the most of the time they have left in their lives. The Covid-19 crisis has made this impossible. It’s heart-breaking to witness and doesn’t seem fair.”

Social worker Suzie

We won't back down

Throughout this struggle, it’s our young people and families who keep us going, combined with the unwavering generosity of people like you.

It’s the stories from our social workers and their incredible dedication which drives Team Young Lives. Their selflessness inspires us and we will continue pushing to get through this – together.

So, excuse us while we take off our hats and send them a huge virtual high five for being amazing and carrying on. A big virtual hug goes to you too, for making it all possible.

Thank you for backing our heroic social workers every step of the way and being part of our fight.

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