What’s next?

We have three big strategic goals for 2021-23 that we’re delivering for children and young people with cancer:

  • Reaching more of the people who need us
  • Focusing on needs
  • Securing sustainable growth for the future

At the same time we’ve started thinking about what comes next. Looking ahead to 2035, what kind of future do children and young people with cancer and their families really need? And how can Young Lives vs Cancer help to create that future?

We want to spend some time between now and 2024 doing some work to answer these questions and we’re calling that long-term ambition our ‘North Star’. It will be ambitious, and inspiring, but we won’t know for sure when it can be achieved, or even how, when we first set out.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress here, so check back regularly to see where we’ve got to.