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Mphango’s story: Diagnosed with leukaemia after starting a new career

Mphango was diagnosed with leukaemia at 24 and went on to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment at the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton

A group of Young Lives vs Cancer campaigners holding placards and banners on Parliament Square

We’ve handed the #RunningOnEmpty petition into Downing Street. What next?

Young Lives vs Cancer's Policy and Public Affairs Manager shares what the next steps are now our petition for a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund ...

“We all want the future to be better for children and young people with cancer...

Jenny Turner, our Director of Strategy and Governance, on why she’s so passionate about our cancer care survey and how to get involved

A child who has had cancer makes his way to school

How do Young Lives vs Cancer Social Workers support young people in education?

Education is a huge part of young people’s lives, and a cancer diagnosis can throw their plans completely off course. We asked two of our social wor...

What we’ve been doing for #RunningOnEmpty across the UK?

Ben, our Devolved Nations Policy and Public Affairs Officer, shares the different approaches we are taking across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales...

Our Research Manager explains how important research is for #RunningOnEmpty

Young Lives vs Cancer's Policy Evidence and Research Manager, Rich, shares the importance of research for our #RunningOnEmpty campaign

Dylan’s story. His family had to travel to hospital up to four times a wee...

Dylan was diagnosed with leukaemia at just two years old. He went to hospital for chemo three or four times a week, and the journey take up to an hour...

Young Lives vs Cancer Campaigns Manager holding sign reading Stop young cancer patients and their families running on empty

Team Young Lives took a trip to UK Parliament – but why were we there?

Lauren Marks, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer, shares what happened when we took the #RunningOnEmpty report to Parliament

Dan’s story. Hearing he had cancer just after moving in with his partner

At 23, Dan had just moved in with his partner and was working full-time as a retail manager when he got the news he had Hodgkin's lymphoma.