Cancer and Treatment

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be really overwhelming. So we've put together straight-forward, clear information to help you make sense of it all and start to think about what happens next.

Diagnosis and tests for cancer

An A-Z guide of tests you might have around diagnosis.

Look up your cancer

Bite-sized information about different cancer types - their symptoms, how they are diagnosed and treated, and side effects.

Taking control of your care

How to feel more in charge of what's happening to you and knowing who to talk to.

How bad will treatment make me feel?

Everyone reacts differently to treatment. Here are ways to combat any side effects.

Going to hospital for the first time

A guide to going to hospital for the first time and what you can expect as a young person.

Staying in hospital

Boredom busting ideas for staying in hospital - what you'll need and why.

Different types of cancer treatment and tests

Depending on what kind of cancer you've got, there are different types of treatment available. We've got lots of easy-to-understand information sheets to help make things clearer. They cover a range of topics from the main types of treatment and what cancer actually is, to tips for staying well and boredom busters for if you're in hospital!