Grief and bereavement

The thought of living without your child may seem impossible. You might feel it's the end of your world and that you will never be happy again. Each experience is unique, but we hope you will find advice in this section that will help you if you are living without your child.

Ten things parents say about grief

Ten things about grief, from the experiences of a bereaved mum.

What family and friends can do to support a grieving parent

A guide to supporting bereaved parents, how you can help and the things people get wrong.

The impact on your marriage or relationship

How grief can affect you and your partner as individuals and as a couple, plus where to get support.

Supporting child siblings with grief

How younger children express grief after the death of their brother or sister.

Supporting teenage and young adult siblings with grief

How older siblings react to grief after the death of their brother or sister.

Grieving at work

Deciding when to go back to work - what you might need and how your employer can support you.

Am I still a mum or dad? Grieving for your only child

How it's different when you are grieving for your only child.

Grieving as a single parent

How the death of a child can impact single parents, including complicated feelings and challenges.

Support for bereaved grandparents

A grandparent's grief and the support you can give to each other.

Knowing when you need extra support for your grief

It's difficult to know when grief becomes depression. Here are the signs to look out for.

Deciding what to do with your child’s belongings

What to do with your child's possessions after they die and things to be mindful of.

Getting through special occasions without your child

How to cope with birthdays, celebrations, holidays and anniversaries after your child dies.

Learning to live without your child

How grief changes over time and the issues it raises in your life.

Things bereaved parents will always find hard

Situations that can take you back to your grief, no matter how much time has passed.

Bereavement resources and organisations

Useful organisations and resources for parents and carers whose child has died of cancer.