From our Homes (from Home)

Our Homes from Home are integral to directly supporting children, young people and their families. Our families need our homes to be safe and comfortable havens and we need volunteers to help make that possible. Young cancer patients have never needed our support more and that’s why we need you as part of our team.

Please note, the situation around COVID-19 means things can change quickly in our homes. Right now these are the roles that are available to be done safely within our protocols. We’ll need volunteers to be open to working flexibly with the house team to ensure our homes remain safe and clean places for families.

Still not sure?

If you’ve not fallen in love with one of these roles, do not fear! Get in touch with our team letting them know where in the UK you are and if you have an idea of the type of volunteering you want to do. Someone will be in touch to help you decide which role is the right match for you. Just email: