How can I get my child to take their tablets?

There’s some advice you need that you can only get from those who’ve been there. That’s why we’ve asked parents who’ve been through similar experiences to share their thoughts on topics that you’ve told us you’d like tips, advice and guidance on.

Struggling with getting your child to take their medication? Have a look at the tips from other parents below.

Turn tablet taking into a game

You could turn medicine time into a game and compete with your child using sweets or mints. Taking ‘tablets’ of your own could help them feel better about taking theirs.

Make it a bit of a competition and use a Tic Tac or something similar to their tablet.

Reward behaviour

Everyone loves a shiny star. You could use reward charts to get your child feel good about taking their medication – it might motivate them to keep going.

Rewards and star charts can really help to encourage them.

Look at alternatives

There might be another way of taking the medicine – try checking with your doctor or pharmacist.

Don’t be afraid to first ask if there is an alternative way of taking the medication. It might come in a different format such as a liquid.

A spoonful of sugar

Disguising the taste of the medicine can sometimes help to get the medicine down a bit more easily.

I'd give them in a spoonful of food (yogurt, jelly, ice cream or whatever they like) it helps the tablet to go down with a natural swallow.

Get ideas from others

It might help to show your child how others take their medicine. Your play specialist may also be able to help in finding ways that could work – find out more about play specialists here.

We managed to get our daughter to take hers like a pro by watching lots of videos of other kids doing it on YouTube.

We’ve asked parents to share their tips and advice from their own experiences and what they’ve found helpful. But if you are worried about your child not being able to take their medicine, make sure you speak to your treatment team who will be able to give you more advice and guidance.

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