Sara’s Story

For the most, the big C has been COVID during 2020, but imagine having the fear of the Covid virus on top of a child being diagnosed with cancer.

Covid has not stopped 12 children and young people being diagnosed with cancer each day…

Covid has added to the already high risk to those children and young people in the middle of intense treatment, whose immune system is low. Covid has not, stopped those children and young people having to travel 100’s of miles from their homes to main treatment centres leaving their support networks behind.

Covid and Cancer, its unimaginable, and you might not “want” to have to think about it, but at Clic Sargent we know the reality and the harshness those children young people and their families are facing. We haven’t gone anywhere and throughout this pandemic we have been there every day supporting children, young people and their families. We have seen the pain this pandemic has caused, the isolation, the financial stress, the limited end of life experiences for children and young people who have sadly died, the separation of parents only being allowed on the ward one at time. A child or young person diagnosed with cancer has been described by one parent as “earth shattering”  made worse by covid 19.

At Clic Sargent we have continued to support children and families remotely, continued to provide financial and emotional support. We have been creative, and adapted to online supports, groups and 1-1s. Scottish young people have taken part in the move it forward exercise programme, supported by their social workers to move more, with the added incentive of beating the other nations J.

But we need you!!!! We need you to spread the word, tell one person today about Clic Sargent, and ask for them to do the same….we need people to know about the work we do from our social workers supporting families to our home from home providing exceptional accommodation free of charge.  So that we can continue to support the children young people and their families dealing with the hardest of times. We get no government funding and rely on fundraising to enable us to provide the services mentioned.

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