Coalitions and campaigns we support

Children and Young People with Cancer Coalition

The Children and Young People with Cancer Coalition (CYPCC) is a CEO-led charity coalition of 14 founding organisations. It aims to make things better for children and young people with cancer through speaking up on issues that matter to them, having a unified voice and supporting each other as charities and CEOs.

One Cancer Voice         

One Cancer Voice is a coalition of over 40 leading cancer charities who collaborate on the issues and interests that affect all cancer patients, working across the sector to call for change. Our voice is stronger together. And together we want to make sure that all cancer patients get the care and support they need and deserve.    


Cancer52 is an alliance of over 100 organisations, working together as the voice for rare and less common cancers. These are cancers which are often under-represented in services, policy and research. We want to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients and their families. 

Scottish Cancer Coalition

The Scottish Cancer Coalition is a charity coalition of 31 organisations working to support people affected by cancer in Scotland. It aims to provide a single third sector voice in cancer research, policy and service delivery, and supports and challenges the Scottish Government to improve cancer services in Scotland. 

Wales Cancer Alliance

The Wales Cancer Alliance is Wales’ coalition of cancer charities, working to advocate for the best cancer care, treatment, and research. The Alliance meets directly with Welsh Government to influence policy and promote the voice of people impacted by cancer in decision-making in Wales. 

Northern Ireland Children’s Health Coalition

NICHC is a coalition of leading charities and organisations working to improve children’s health in Northern Ireland.  

Northern Ireland Cancer Site Charity Group 

Bringing charities together to collaborate and share insights, to drive change for cancer patients in Northern Ireland.

Warm This Winter

We’re supporting the Warm This Winter campaign together with other organisations and charities because we believe that everyone, especially the most vulnerable, deserves to be warm at home and able to pay their energy bills. We’ve joined the call for the UK government to help those who need it now.  

Safe Sick Pay

The Safe Sick Pay campaign is calling for a reform to sick pay to ensure that everyone who needs it can take the time to get better and still pay their bills. And when they are better, come back to work in a way that suits them. No one wants to get sick. But when they do, everyone deserves the right support.  

Children at the table

Through Children at the table, children’s charities are calling for the next government to put children, young people and babies at the heart of their decision making.

The Carer Poverty Coalition

Carer poverty must end. It’s unacceptable that rising costs are impacting millions of carers in the UK. That’s why we’ve joined the Carer Poverty Coalition alongside Carers UK and 90 other organisations to ensure carers in the UK get the financial support they need. The coalition aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact the cost of living crisis has on carers, and to put forward solutions to end carer poverty. 

Martin Lewis’ call to stop the energy price cap increasing

Young people and families are already struggling to pay to keep warm during cancer treatment. Young Lives vs Cancer support Martin Lewis’s The Money Saving Expert campaign to stop energy price hikes. 

Together Through This Crisis

We have signed onto an open letter called Together Through This Crisis coordinated by 38 Degrees, Save the Children, Turn2us, Little Village and Shelter. This focuses on the cost of living crisis and how families are having to make difficult choices. Young cancer patients and their families are being forced to worry about rising energy bills and keeping warm instead of focusing on getting better. This cannot be our new normal.  


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