From our Homes (from Home)

Our Homes from Home are integral to directly supporting children, young people and their families. Our families need our homes to be safe and comfortable havens and we need volunteers to help make that possible. Young cancer patients have never needed our support more and that’s why we need you as part of our team.

At Young Lives vs Cancer, we recognise that opportunities for too many people remain a condition of their race, class, sex, disability, sexual orientation – or a combination. This has never been acceptable to us as an organisation. At Young Lives vs Cancer, we do not just accept difference — we value it, we celebrate it, we nurture it, and we thrive off it. 

We positively welcome your application irrespective of your background. We are on a journey, and if you join us, you will be part of a community that is committed make a difference to the lives of children and young people with cancer. 

Still not sure or need support completing the application form? 

If you’ve not fallen in love with one of these roles or need a little extra help completing the application form, do not fear! Get in touch with our team who are on hand to talk all things volunteering and help you get your application complete. Just email: