24hr Tech Timeout

Can't live without your tech? Find yourself on Facebook, Twitter or TikTok multiple times a day? This is the challenge for you. Take a 24-hour timeout from social media this Mental Health Week and help children and young people face everything cancer throws at them.


By taking a break from social media, you’ll be helping young people with cancer like Georgie find the strength and resilience they need to thrive.

Every day, 12 more children and young people are told they have cancer. The first 24 hours are frightening, especially when they’re only just starting out in life. Forced into an alien hospital environment. Terrified of what lies ahead, imagining the worst.

Unplug for a day to help Young Lives vs Cancer social workers be there for them, to provide vital emotional support and practical help.

Ready to go off-grid for the day?

Sign up below and a member of our fundraising team will be in touch with you to make sure you have everything you need.

We’re all about team spirit so if you’re taking on the challenge with your school, colleagues, family or friends then it’s music to our ears. Only one person from your team needs to register.

Your questions, answered

Q. How do I sign up? 

All you need to do is click the ‘Sign up’ button, fill in a few details, set up your fundraising page and you’re ready to take on the 24-hour Tech Timeout challenge. 

Q. When do I take on my challenge? Can I do it another time? 

We are encouraging supporters to take on the challenge during Mental Health Awareness Week between May 15 – May 21. We do however realise this might not work for everyone, so you are welcome take on the challenge across any 24 hours which works for you – simply let us know so we can support you. 

Q. Do you have to switch off from all technology and social media? 

It’s up to you! You can use the 24 hours to switch off from all technology, have a digital detox or just use it as an opportunity to have a break from social media. 

 Q. What is the fundraising target? 

There is no fundraising target for this challenge, we’re here however to help you raise as much as you can for children and young people with cancer.  

Q. Who can take part? 

Anyone can take on the 24-hour Tech Timeout challenge! Grab your classmates, colleagues, family and friends and take part together. For those under 18 wishing to take part, please ensure you have permission from a parent or guardian who also signs up and sets up the fundraising page on their behalf.  

Q. What if we need to use technology and social media for education or work purposes during the 24 hour Tech Timeout?  

We don’t want the event to get in the way of your studies or work commitments, however during your own recreation time we encourage you to switch off and use the time that you would have spent scrolling on social media and apps to go for a walk, read a book, talk to a friend – whatever will help you to detox!   

Q. Can I raise money offline?  

Yes, definitely! You can download a sponsorship form here to share with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Q. If we raise money offline, how do we get this to the charity?  

There’s a few easy ways to get money to us which you have collected.  

  • If you are also using a JustGiving fundraising page you can pay the money directly onto the page yourself. 
  • You can also send us cheques. Please make them payable to Young Lives vs Cancer and send them to: Operations Team, Young Lives vs Cancer, 4th Floor, Whitefriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2NT. Please do not send any money and include your name and address so we know who it is from. 

 Q. How do we add offline donations to our JustGiving page? 

You can find out how to add offline donations to your JustGiving page here:


Q. Can we have materials to promote the charity? 

Yes, of course! Please email fundraisingevents@younglivesvscancer.org.uk or call the friendly team on 0300 330 0803 and they will be able to arrange for fundraising materials to be sent out to you. You can also find some digital materials here.  


Q. How do we prove we have done the challenge? 

We don’t need you to prove you have completed the challenge, but don’t forget at the end of your 24 hours to tell your friends and family as 20% of donations come in after the event day. 

If you have any questions at all about the challenge or your fundraising, please reach out to our friendly team at fundraisingevents@younglivesvscancer.org.uk or 0300 330 0803.