Marion’s House Glasgow

21 Linthouse Drive, Glasgow, G51 4RZ

0141 445 3251


The house is an 11 minute walk away from the hospital

It takes four minutes to walk from the house to the nearest shop

The longest family stay was 415 days in 2021/22

77 families stayed at Marion’s House in 2020/21

Facilities at Marion’s House

  • 11 ensuite bedrooms
  • Teenage and play room
  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen diners
  • Lounges
  • Free parking
Marion's House exterior and parking
Marion’s House exterior and parking

Induction times for new families are 9am – 2pm Monday to Thursday and 10am – 2pm on Friday. Home from Home Manager: Anne Morison 07787 515283

Marion's house was lovely, it took a lot of pressure off. I wasn’t working, so I wasn’t able to keep up the flat I was living in so my fiancé moved back in with his mum and dad because they’re from Scotland. It was such a transformation so whenever I could get out of hospital at least I had somewhere to go that was safe and clean, and everyone in the house understood

Lauren, diagnosed with leukaemia in 2018

How Marion’s House got its name

Always a caring boy, Paul O’Gorman asked his parents, Eddie and Marion to help other children with leukaemia. Paul died aged just 14 and only nine weeks after his initial diagnosis of leukaemia in 1986.

His sister Jean, despite her own battle with cancer, raised funds for children with leukaemia in her brother’s memory. Jean died just nine months later. The O’Gormon family set up Children with Cancer UK charity and made a generous contribution towards Marion’s House in Glasgow, hence the name.

Paul, Marion and Jean’s names have been given to a number of Young Lives vs Cancer Homes from Home across the UK.