Could you claim benefits?

A change in circumstance - like a cancer diagnosis - can mean you become entitled to certain benefits without even realising. As the costs of cancer can mount up quickly, it’s important to get every penny you’re entitled to. You can do this quickly and easily with the benefits calculator.

81% of people who've used the calculator so far have been eligible for benefits, with a whopping £6700 being the average amount that could be claimed.

These benefits are ones affected by your income, savings and property you own. Giving up your job or caring for a child with cancer can affect what you’re entitled to. The calculator is for people aged 18+, but there’s separate information about benefits if you’re under 18, or if you’re studying.

You may also be entitled to Disability Living Allowance because of your child’s cancer diagnosis or Personal Independence Payment if you’re diagnosed yourself. It’s best to apply for these first, as getting these can help with your eligibility for other benefits.

The calculator takes about 10 minute to complete and you don’t need to know anything about benefits to use it. At the end of the calculation you’ll see a results page with a breakdown of all benefits identified and how to claim them, including links to the forms.

A couple of important things to know before you use the calculator:

  • The text in the blue box is really important as it tells you what documentation you need to complete your calculation. Make sure you have everything you need before starting because…
  • The calculation needs to be completed in one sitting – it can’t be saved and returned to. So please make sure you allow enough time to complete it in one go.

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