Voice and Engagement

All the work we do at Young Lives vs Cancer is to help and support children and young people with cancer and their families. So who better to shape and guide the work that we do than people with lived experience of childhood cancer.

What is voice?

Young Lives vs Cancer are committed to listening to, collaborating with and championing the people we support. The voice team make sure that their voices are amplified and heard internally at Young Lives vs Cancer and outside the organisation. And together we work to create meaningful change and a better future for all children and young people living with or after cancer. 

We do this by enabling and empowering those with lived experience to get involved. We work with other teams across our organisation to include voice opportunities within the planning and delivery of their work.  

Meaning that all the work that we do, from the way we speak about cancer to our strategy and aims, comes from the voices of the children and young people who we support. 

Voice board

The Voice Board is a group of diverse young people and parents who have lived experience of childhood cancer. The aim of this group is to ensure that their views and experiences are heard and considered by decision-makers across Young Lives vs Cancer. The board regularly assist Trustees and Directors to make decisions and they are a key feature of our governance. As a result, the voices of young people and parents are strengthened within the organisation, and we are supporting children and young people’s right to be listened to and taken seriously (UNCRC – Article 12).   

How to find out more

Our Voice Team are passionate about listening to the views of children, young people with cancer and their parents. We want to champion their voices and enable them to participate in programmes and activities to shape what we do. If you want to know more, please email voice@younglivesvscancer.org.uk