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From one parent to another: Top tips for parents/carers of a child with cancer t...

Rob shares his top tips to help improve emotional wellbeing for other parents and carers of a child with cancer

Abi shares how cancer had an impact on her mental health

Abi shares how she struggled with the impact cancer had on her mental health once she was in remission

Mphango shares why she backs the Safe Sick Pay campaign

After being diagnosed with cancer at 24, Mphango had to go onto sick pay of just over £400 a month, which was not enough to cover her existing bills ...

Micro volunteering: giving your time and skills without the big commitment

For International Micro Volunteering Day, Collette Brown the Groups & Volunteering Development Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer explains what micr...

A year on the Young Lives vs Cancer Voice Board

Emma shares her experience of being a member of the Young Lives vs Cancer Voice Board

Quinn is standing infront of a wooden background, he is wearing a black t-shirt and smiling at the camera

Quinn’s story: Diagnosed with leukaemia during second year of uni

Quinn found being away from his friends and his social life one of the hardest parts of facing cancer as a young person

Farid is lying in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown. He has a breathing tube in his nose and a big bandage on his left eye.

Farid’s story: Cancer diagnosis turns studying and socialising to hospital...

Farid was studying for his university degree and had just started work when he was diagnosed with cancer

Amy is standing against a red backdrop, she has her head shaved, make up on and a large necklace and earrings

Amy’s story: New job, new flat, new life in London…all turned upside...

Amy was diagnosed with lymphoma at 23 after noticing she had itchy skin and bruising and was tired all the time

An image of Sophie. She is white with blonde hair, wearing a Young Lives vs Cancer running vest. She is looking straight ahead, smiling.

Disabled Access Day – Sophie shares her experience

Sophie Hartley, Mass Participation Events Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer, shares her experience of being disabled and what it means to her this Disa...