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“We know you will be busy but children and young people with cancer can’t wa...

A week on from the election of the new UK Government, Young Lives vs Cancer reflects on what this General Election means for children and young people...

Elisse’s story: I was diagnosed with lymphoma just before my last year of ...

Elisse was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at 21 years old just before starting her final year of uni

For every young person with cancer

Why Pride matters for young people with cancer

One of our social workers talks about the unique challenges LGBTQIA+ young people with cancer face and how they support them.

Jack takes his fundraising to new heights

The teenager is gearing up to take on his first ever sky dive to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer.

Ben’s Story: I opened up with their support. I’m gay with cancer

Ben was 22 when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Six months earlier, Ben said he had come out with his sexuality and started a new life.

From one parent to another: Top tips for parents/carers of a child with cancer t...

Rob shares his top tips to help improve emotional wellbeing for other parents and carers of a child with cancer

Abi shares how cancer had an impact on her mental health

Abi shares how she struggled with the impact cancer had on her mental health once she was in remission

Mphango shares why she backs the Safe Sick Pay campaign

After being diagnosed with cancer at 24, Mphango had to go onto sick pay of just over £400 a month, which was not enough to cover her existing bills ...

Micro volunteering: giving your time and skills without the big commitment

For International Micro Volunteering Day, Collette Brown the Groups & Volunteering Development Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer explains what micr...