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Aila’s story: ‘We’ve packed our life up living here’

Aila was diagnosed with cancer at just four months old and will be in hospital for seven months before going home

Danny’s story: What Paul’s House means to me

Danny shares what it was like to stay in Paul's House for months while going through treatment for osteosarcoma

Sarah’s story: “Help with grants..when we really needed it”

Mum-of-three, Sarah, has been diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at just 22 years old

“Our little girls didn’t get the chance of life with India”

Mum of two India was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in 2018. The cancer returned in January 2021 when the family were told India had just a few ye...

Thomas’ story

When Thomas was diagnosed with cancer at just one, his family's life came crashing down and they felt a great impact on their finances too. “Wi...

“Without them there’s a lot of things I wouldn’t have known”

When Imogen was diagnosed with a rare tumour, her family were supported by a Young Lives vs Cancer social worker who helped them with the impact cance...

A photo of Tyler, a young person supported by Young Lives vs Cancer

Tyler’s Story

Tyler, 24, was diagnosed with testicular cancer during winter last year. Here, Tyler speaks about the impact of the rising costs of living when going ...

Max’s story: I had to push for help with my mental health

Max shares his story to highlight the impact cancer treatment can have on the mental health of young people with cancer

Esha’s story: ‘There’s no way to explain that sinking feeling&...

Esha was diagnosed with leukaemia and started treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital at just four years old