“We all want the future to be better for children and young people with cancer”

Jenny Turner, our Director of Strategy and Governance, on why she’s so passionate about our cancer care survey and how to get involved.

We know how tough cancer is for children and young people who are diagnosed and their families, and just how much support is needed. So does everyone who works with children and young people with cancer.

We all want the future to be better for children and young people with cancer and their families. For this to happen, we need a solid foundation of evidence to drive meaningful change.

So, together with partners we are asking young people who have or have had cancer, and their parents, carers and siblings to complete our survey.

For the first time we are asking young people not just about what support they need, but also about their quality of life and well-being so we can understand how these have been impacted by cancer

We are also want to hear from parents and carers about their needs and how their child’s cancer has impacted them

And – for the first time we are asking the siblings of young cancer patients how they have been impacted by their sibling’s cancer and what support they might need

This includes asking parents, carers, and siblings who are bereaved about their experiences.

Finally – in another significant first – we are not just asking people who are going through treatment now, but at any point in the last 10 years. People tell us all the time how hard it is after cancer treatment has finished, and how hard it can be to get support. That needs to change and the first step is gathering the evidence. 

Many of the questions being asked have not been asked before and so we don’t know what they will tell us. We will learn from them together with all organisations who support children and young people

So please: 

  • Use this survey to make your voice heard. A One4all voucher is available for the first 500 people to respond 
  • Tell other people about it!


Take part

Author: Alison

Posted on Thursday 28 September 2023

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