Money and Finances

We know that cancer can be tough on your finances. You may have to give up work or work less, leaving you with less money to pay bills and all life’s other essentials. You may also have extra costs such as travelling to hospital, accommodation and parking. From money advice and support, including advice on benefits for cancer patients, to applying for a Young Lives vs Cancer grant – we can help you.

Financial grants, money advice and free accommodation

Get a Young Lives vs Cancer grant

Deal with the unexpected costs of cancer with a Young Lives vs Cancer grant.

Applying for PIP

Find out about Personal Independence Payment and how you can apply for it.

Managing money tips

Check out our essential money tips to help you keep your finances in check.

Free welfare and housing support

Our trained advisers can answer questions and give free advice on anything from benefits to housing.

Search for grants

Use our search tool to find grants from other organisations that you could be eligible for.

A free place to stay

Around the corner from hospital, our Homes from Home keep families together during treatment.